How Data Science Can Help Us Get Through The Corona Virus Crisis (COVID-19)

Now, more than ever, data science and machine learning can be used for the good of humanity. It is an opportunity to use technology, Math and Statistics in our favor and find the best way to get through the Corona virus (COVID-19) spread worldwide and the economic crisis aftermath that is to come.

I will try to post here every article, study and algorithm that I come accross that might help us in this time of uncertainty and, thankfully, solidarity that we are going through.

Article 1: our governments are asking us to stay home and isolate ourselfes. Do you want to know why isolation might help (a lot)? Then read this article in the Washington Post. It has some excellent simulations of populations with different “mobility” levels.

I will keep updating this post in the days to come…

– Henrique Arutin Cavalcanti de Albuquerque

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