What Is Artificial Intelligence?


As this is my first post in this blog, it is fitting to begin with some definitions. Hence, let me give you my definition of what artificial intelligence is.

There are many different definitions os AI available everywhere from books to company websites but my favorite is “any computational system that emulates intelligent human behavior“.

I have learned that there is no single clear definition for AI. Some people consider any intricate deterministic system a form of AI, given that is emulates some more “robotic” or “procedural” activities also done by human beings, while other people will only consider AI those systems that are built upon some form or another of machine learning algorithms. To me, if a machine seems to be doing something only a human being could do, I will consider it AI.

– Henrique Arutin Cavalcanti de Albuquerque
* All content published here reflects only my personal opinion.

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